Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Xklusive Sport Bar & Gentlemen Club located?

2426 W. Beaver St, Jacksonville, FL 32254
Office: (305) 814-9695
Email: xklusive@xklusivebar.com

What time does Xklusive Sport Bar & Gentlemen Club open?

12pm Mon - Sundays.

Is there a cover charge?

Resturant access is always free (excluding a private event). Admission for access to other areas will always be displayed in real-timeon our website(Realtime metrics and info is provided by O-Go "Know Before You Go!).

Nudity & Topless?


Can you touch the dancers?


Do we serve food?

Yes! We have a full kitchen and are famously known for our wings!

Does Xklusive Gentlemen Club serve alcohol?

Yes. We have a full service bar and staff.

What type of music is played at your gentlemen club?

A wide variety of music is played consisting primarily of R&B and Hip Hop. Check out what’s played inside here: Xklusiv Gentlemen Club Live.

Do you have a ATM machine inside?


Is there a surcharge for cash advances on credit cards?


Is there a dress code?

Casual and Sophisticated. No Flip Flops, or Tank Tops. Ladies must be tastefull.

Is Xklusive Sport Bar & Gentlemen Club a 21?

Yes. 21 for ladies & 25 for men.

How old do you have to be to work at Xklusive Sport Bar & Gentlemen Club ?

18 years old.